Living Simply

Lately I've been struggling with what it means to live simply. Packing up our things and bringing them across the country made us re-evaluate what is really important. If something isn't important enough to carry it across the country, then why have it at all?

I found myself feeling conflicted. On one hand, I would absolutely love to just pack one suitcase and be free and mobile. On the other hand, even though things are just "stuff", having well designed objects around does affect how we live each day. Living with design is important to us. The only balance that I can come up with is to be particular about what surrounds us, and to have nice things (but few of them). This doesn't necessarily mean expensive things, but a few things around that will make each day feel a little warmer, a little brighter.

These are a few things that made me smile recently:

Kilim Pillow - I've been looking for some kilim pillow covers to make our Brooklyn loft feel like home

Brass Ladle - Pretty much anything to do with cooking I think belongs in a simple life. What's life without a good meal?

Jungle Sandals - Too clever to pass up.

Denim crop top -  You can laugh at me all you want, but I guarantee you I'll be wearing one of these a lot this Summer.

Eye Rug - I'm learning that small rugs are the best kind. Layer them on top of each other to get more flexibility for different spaces.