Talisien West

On our way through Arizona, we knew that one place we couldn't miss was Frank Llyod Wright's Talisien West. He decided on building here even before anyone had found water. But he was so strong willed that he just had them keep digging until water was found. That very water source has been used ever since, and now Scottsdale has sprouted up around his creation. He spent his winter months here to escape the cold temperatures of Talisien East in Wisconsin.

The home was built large to house his architecture students - in fact, it was his architecture students that built the place. That's a pretty awesome lesson in architecture right there. They studied here, worked here, watched movies here, and even dined all together in a large dining room.

All of the windows are angled so that you see what Frank wanted you to see. When power lines went up in what used to be his favorite view, he reworked everything to guide people to the opposite view. Many of the spaces feel very connected to the landscape - even with window panes the rooms somehow still feel open to the air. They are even almost tent like with canvas covering many of the skylights.

The way the light flows in through the canvas was beautiful. Above was his office.

It was an inspiring place to tour, and made me dream of building my own studio and home! The living room was my favorite - I wish I could have taken pictures in there! You will just have to go and see for yourself!

- sara