No Better Place

This past weekend we not only went to the Grand Canyon, but also to Vegas. Even though we had a great time in Vegas (saw the Cirque du Soleil Love show!), I have to admit - I almost forgot we were even there. The Grand Canyon is just that good.

We were lucky to have some great weather, since last year at this time the trails were still covered in ice and snow. It was in the 50's - perfect for my leather jacket and my always favorite Loeffler Randall boots.

During our time there, we caught both a sunrise and a sunset. It was crazy to see how quickly the canyon changed colors. One second it was coated in soft pink pastels, then drenched in dark blues and purples. The canyon then tricked us and went dark only to turn bright orange and blue a few minutes later.

As soon as we left, I already wanted to go back.