Bachelorette Yoga

My sister's wedding was last week, and I was her maid of honor! Two days before the wedding, we had her bachelorette party in Islamorada, Florida. She asked for something relaxing, so that's exactly what she got. I couldn't think of anything more relaxing than having a private yoga class on the beach with tea and snacks afterwards.

We all wore Everlane tshirts with Team Bride written on them. And of course, the bride got a white tee with "Bride" written in sparkly letters.

Afterwards, we sat at a picnic table with some chinese tea, and macarons from La Boulange. We of course rounded the relaxtion out later with a night of dancing on bar counters.

Weddings really are so special - they're the perfect time to say all of the mushy things you might usually hold back. It was the perfect weekend, and the wedding itself couldn't have gone better. A bright orange full moon even rose up over the ocean during the reception!