A Few Favorites

An object becomes more than a physical thing when it starts affecting your daily life. It doesn't have to be anything major, but those objects create moments, and those moments add up. I love the click my new Loeffler Randall bag makes when I close it, and how inspired I feel after reading I Wonder by Marian Bantjes. I get a special thrill out of wearing my Pamela Love earrings with and without their eyelash backings - it's like two pairs in one! I also love avocados. Even just avocado on toast with some cracked pepper can make my morning.

The best objects are more than enjoyable. They make life easier.

Have you heard of the app Paper? It's like having a sketchbook on your iPad. This means endless amounts of paper, watercolors, pens, markers... and in any color you want. To make the experience even better, 53 (the makers of Paper) recently came out with Pencil. One of my friends is a developer for 53, and creates drawings of movies that she's seen using the app. It's no longer just an object when people are creating memories like that.

You've gotta read this page from I Wonder. It's whimsical and cracks me up, but also makes a good point. It reminds me of Italo Calvino books, which are also awesome.

Do you have favorite items that make your day a little more special?