4 Talented Ladies on Instagram

Instagram is the best, don't you think? It's the app that gets me most inspired these days. The ability to follow along with the lives of artists and designers that I admire keeps me learning and wanting to create.

I've followed Bri Emery's blog (DesignLoveFest) and Instagram account for years. She's an honest, creative, and ambitious designer. She works on a wide variety of projects ranging from event design, styling, interior design, food styling... if she wants to do it, she will.


Jen is a friend of mine who constantly inspires me. Her love for cats, Brooklyn, and lettering is hard to miss on her Instagram. She works out of StudioMates in Brooklyn, and reminds me of how special it is to make something by hand.


I've started following Sisilia Piring recently. She's a photographer based out of LA, and her photos have such a soft quality to them. They remind me how much I love California, and how much I would love to capture moments like this.


I met Justina recently at an event, and was immediately inspired by her. She said she just does what she loves, and finds ways to get paid for it. Her blog, interior design projects, and her recent still life floral series have me inspired and thinking up new projects of my own.

Thanks to these ladies for keeping me inspired.

What other awesome people should I be following on Instagram?