Holiday Cocktail Recipes I Love

It never hurts to have a few cocktail recipes up your sleeve for parties, or even for the 'I really need a cocktail' moment. I decided to try out a few that remind me of the holiday season.

The first is called a Brandy Alexander and has a classic eggnoggy flavor (without actually using eggnog). It is the strongest of the three, so use a tasty brandy and it will be well appreciated.

This cranberry cocktail can be used in a punch bowl for a super laid back party where guests can refill themselves. Float some fresh rosemary in the punch bowl or glass for an automatic holiday look. It's light and refreshing.

This final drink, the Grasshopper, I have to say is my favorite. If you like mint chocolate chip ice cream, that is exactly what it tastes like. (With the added benefit of having alcohol content of course.) You really can't go wrong here. I'm going to be make this for dessert with cookies for my family on Christmas day.

If you try any of these out, let me know what you think!

- sara