Decorating Tips & Tricks

Redecorating is always fun, and something I like to do about once a year to keep things feeling fresh. It can seem incredibly overwhelming to decorate your space (especially from scratch), but here are some tips and tricks that I've learned along the way.  

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Create a Pinterest board

This may seem obvious, but collecting pictures of spaces you love slowly over time allows you to pick up on certain patterns in your interests that you may not have recognized before. (before Pinterest I did this by gluing magazine clippings into a sketch book)

Looking through my home board, I realized I clearly have a thing for mid century style, especially in white spaces. This board becomes a visual representation of your style and can answer your own questions along the way. For example, when I was working on redoing my bedroom I was wondering, "What should I do for window coverings?". I looked through my board and noticed almost none of my pins have curtains. It's almost always just simple blinds. Ok then! Blinds it is! I know that you'll find patterns like this too.

 Redecorating | DesignComb

Shop Flea Markets

Now that you have your board or sketchbook full of styles that you love, a great place to score some unique pieces is a flea market. If you live in the San Francisco bay area, I highly recommend the Alameda Flea Market. As for east coasters, I've been doing some research and am planning on visiting the Brimfield Antique Show soon. I've heard it's the best!

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Give it Some Time

If you go out looking for something and need it that very moment, it never seems to turn up. Keep a list of things you would love to have (side tables, lamps, brass animals for your bookshelf etc), and let those items turn up as you explore flea markets, furniture stores, tag sales etc... You will find it when you least expect it! Can you imagine how happy your home will make you if you only purchase pieces that you truly love? Make sure an item is your best friend before you bring it home.

 Redecorating | DesignComb

And until then...

It's not fun living in a space that feels incomplete while you wait to find all of these treasures. The quickest trick for making a home feel more complete is to fill it up with plants! Lots and lots of plants. A couple of my favorites are the Fiddle Fig Leaf tree, and Euphorbia Trigona (my favorite tall cactus plant!)