This blog is my playground.
A space to explore what’s on my mind, try new mediums
Learn from people I’m inspired by
And an extra push to be brave and adventure off to new places. 

Your responses keep me excited to keep creating and adventuring. Sincerely, thank you for visiting!

I previously
Founded the jewelry company Gold & Citrus
Designed for ShopStyle and PopSugar
Had an obsession with anything citrus related

I currently
Design a variety of fun sites and apps for start-ups at Hexagon (a design studio founded by myself and my husband Rich)
Just renovated The Joshua Tree House which is now available to rent on Airbnb!(@thejoshuatreehouse)
Spent seven weeks traveling through Southeast Asia last year
Still have an obsession with anything citrus, plus now also cacti and succulents
Just finished #100daysofSFpatterns, as part of #the100dayproject

Feel free to reach me at, I would love to hear from you!